Sinar Baja Electric: Our Brands

As a diverse and truly global manufacturer we have a wide range of product portfolios and several brands, each tailored to specific demands and niche markets.

High End Hi-Fi Transducers​

SB Acoustics has a clear mission: To make the best transducers in the world.

Every day, we come to work to create the best speakers in the world, and to offer the best service and customer experience. To successfully do that, we focus on the goals of our audiophile heritage and ideals as we connect and engage with consumers and OEM speaker manufacturers globally. SB Acoustics was conceived in 2008 to bring an excellent and truly international alternative to the high-end transducer market. Every product carrying the SB Acoustics name has proudly been developed by our consultancy partners in Denmark, Danesian Audio.


Professional Audio Transducers

ACR has been the preferred name of Professional speaker drivers in Indonesia since 1994. The brand has earned much acclaim with many speaker manufacturers, and we are proud that this has lead ACR to be the largest domestic brand in Indonesia.

Professional Audio Speakers

Our passion in music and excellence leads the way with RHYME professional sound reinforcement speakers manufactured by Sinar Baja Electric. Proudly crafted with high-quality Russian Birch-Plywood, RHYME has gained popularity and prise for the sound clarity and among other noteworthy constructions the exceptional array design. The brand has been around since 2006, and incorporates our own ACR transducers.

Legacy local brand for car audio has been loved and respected by the public for 3 decades. Legacy products are still providing the latest updates on their products in the Car Audio Loudspeaker segment. This Legacy products uphold high quality in materials and workmanship and eet the needs for a large variety of automotive customer needs.

International Pro Transducers

With well over 25 years of experience in professional sound reinforcement drivers, we strive to bring this know-how to the world with the most competitive high quality drivers on the market. Launched in 2020, SB Audience is spawned from the heavyweight manufacturing of Sinar Baja Electric Indonesia and has serviced well-known brands in the PRO audio industry for decades with in-house engineering and manufacturing.

OEM Automotive

Quality transducer in accordance to IATF 16949

Sinar Baja Electric has supplied OEM Automotive transducers as tier-2 supplier to various European and  Japanese Automotive brands since 1993.

In 2012 Sinar Baja Electric was elevated to tier-1 supplier for a top Japanese car maker.  This achievement is gained through many years of building skills, reputation and continued strive for excellence.


Customization or development from scratch

We have been partnering with various OEM / ODM’s globally for transducer development and supply, ranging from Hi-Fi, Car Audio and Professional Audio application. At Sinar Baja Electric we have built a high degree of trust from years of communication and neutering each business relationship with the respect and care that our customers deserve. We are proud that many of our OEM and ODM partners keep returning with more projects from small scale turnkey projects/cabinets for Hi-Fi/Hi-End loudspeaker & Professional Audio to large scale supply of transducers and assemblies.