Your preferred partner for product development

At Sinar Baja Electric we are committed to our customers and we go way beyond simple assembly and sales support. We have spent many years creating a vertical supply chain for the most critical components in loudspeaker manufacturing. Moving these processes in house improves quality, cost, on-time delivery and assures the finest product quality.

Product Engineering

At Sinar Baja Electric we work with two main development engineering departments consisting of a total of 25 engineers. The Indonesian team located at the factory in Indonesia is known for fast turnaround times and extensive hands-on knowledge on all aspects of loudspeaker development, testing and production maturing. Working in close partnership with Danesian Audio Denmark, an engineering consultancy filled with industry veterans, we are able to bring many innovations to the market.

Our engineering services include complete mechanical design, FEM simulation, CAD/CAM drawings and tooling, as well as all speaker related design work all the way to the final bill of materials. We use tools such such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Pro E. for the design process and for collaboration with the customer. The APQP procedure, which is particularly relevant for our automotive customers, ensures a standardized high quality of documentation ensuring the customer is part of the process.

Rapid Prototyping

Vertical integration embedded in our factory makes it possible to do fast development cycles and prototyping within the development process.

At Sinar Baja Electric we are proud to develop unique products from scratch in close collaboration between our in-house departments ranging from voice coil production, cone manufacturing, soft parts, motor parts, including 3D prototype equipment as well as in-house tool making workshop with CAD machining, milling, wire cutting, and laser cutting processes.

In-house Toolmaking

From the basis of an idea, every component is designed and simulated in electronic form with 3D models. Using PowerMILL and PowerSHAPE software, the models are converted into machinable models for manufacturing by CAM. Our extensive experience means we have the knowledge and know-how of processing tooling for a variety of molding techniques such as Plastic Injection, Aluminum Die Cast, or even Punch and Die for steel parts.

The transducer assembly process is closely supported by our in-house tool makers for jigs, gauges and all kinds of manufacturing support equipment all developed and made by our ever evolving tool workshop.

Validation Testing

At Sinar Baja Electric we verify both acoustics performance as well as product durability. In addition to acoustic measurement validation (F, CLIO, Soundcheck, FINE QC, DAAS, KLIPPEL), we also provide in-house testing services based on specific customer requirements or according to established testing standards. Our range of testing includes:

  • Power testing
  • Reliability and durability
  • Environment
  • Salt spray and water spray test
  • Humidity testing
  • UV resistance
  • Dust-proof validation
  • Thermal shock
  • Vibration tests

Our experienced test engineers conduct the test sessions with support and test design in collaboration with the R&D team.

Trial Production

There are a number of different production flows for flexibility and to meet a variety of customer needs. From slow moving and quality focused High-End speakers, small component tweeter assembly to efficient high output mass production lines.

Each line focuses on the different processes that may apply to different speaker types and specific customer needs. New products during pilot production is separated to a specific production line, and steps carefully inspected and monitored along with new process adaptation for mass production.

Using the FMEA methodology to identify critical points in the process that are analyzed and documented in each production process. From this the production Engineers create a Production Control Plan and detailed Work Instruction.

The inspection personnel use calibrated tools, jigs and software to verify and document the trial run production to ensure product standards and quality is met. The trial production results are validated against standardized or custom specifications before moving to the mass production stage.

Quality Assurance

We strive for getting the quality right on the first try and for continuous improvement in all that we do to meet or exceed the International Quality Standards as well as any specific customer requirements.

We are committed to outstanding product consistency and put a lot of effort into sustainable long-term improvements in our processes and procedures to continuously improve overall efficiency, productivity and quality. This is not only striving for perfection, but also an obligation to deliver the best possible service.

At Sinar Baja Electric, our ability to compete on a global scale is the result of many years of production and audit experience in collaboration with our partners in the automotive speaker industry. The implementation of IATF 16949 standards assists with quality documentation and communication towards our automotive industry partners.

The Quality Assurance Department professionals and QA engineers practice the Eight Discipline model approach in problem solving, and as part of quality improvements, we are constantly measuring the performance of our manufacturing process; implementing Ishikawa diagrams for the cause analysis of each department.