At Sinar Baja Electric we have spent decades establishing and building a vertical supply chain for the most critical parts. With these processes in-house helps improve quality, costs, speeds up delivery and assures the finest product quality.

Speaker Driver Assembly

Sinar Baja Electric provides leading solutions for the design, production, and modification of speaker drivers as we are able to easily and quickly optimize driver specifications to fit our clients target parameters. Supported with voice coil production assembly experiences as well as innovative technologies, our transducer division has been well known for its versatility and high quality among our customers.

Number of lines: 8 assembly lines

Capacity: 1 million pieces pr. month

Capability: from less than 1 inch to 21 inch drivers

We consider ourselves as vertically integrated with more in-house facilities than most other manufacturers. Sinar Baja Electric is able to carry out coil production to complete driver assembly, making us your one-stop-shop. Our driver production lines are flexible, well suited for customer needs ranging from low volume speciality transducers to dedicated lines for high volume production. Furthermore, we are geared with precision testing equipment to assure tolerances are met from batch to batch. Certified by ISO & IATF standards, we are able to provide data to satisfy the customer at any given time.

Voice Coil Assembly

At Sinar Baja Electric our voice coil assembly facility is directly supported by the speaker assebly department. This ensures a much closer loop when troubleshooting production issues or developing new technologies or fine tuning existing processes. Furthermore, this straight forward and direct access gives flexibility and ease for our R&D team to develop new products that meet customer requirements.

Product Lines: 6 assembly lines with 16 winding machines

Capacity: 700K pcs / month (usage : 420K pcs = 60%)

Capability: Voice coil Ø 13mm – 127 mm

Layers: Single layer – 8 layers

Wire: Rectangular VC wire, round or ribbon wire

Style: Standard or high power subwoofer Voice Coil and sandwich/interleaved.

Production Quality Assurance

The solid presence of Sinar Baja Electric in the loudspeaker industry is strongly attributed to our commitment to Quality Assurance; starting from Incoming Parts, In-process QC and Final Inspection QC.

1. Incoming material Inspection – All part and materials are checked through appearance, dimension, and additional parameters based on item characteristics, drawings, and specifications.

2. In-process inspection – All production processes, general conditions, as well as specified conditions are controlled during this stage.

3. Final Inspection – All products are QC checked based on technical specification and additional testing required.

Quality Assurance applies product and process validation using Advanced product Quality Planning (APQP) methods incorporated with Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) techniques. In addition, Quality Control SPC methods are implemented for our monitoring and control process. Our Quality Management System applies Product Audit to make sure our customers are continuously satisfied with product quality. Any customer complaints are efficiently handled using 8D methods to improve our production process with long-term solutions.

Metal Parts & Machining

As part of our vertical supply chain process, Sinar Baja Electric provides in-house maintenance from the Metal Fabrication Department for our production equipment to better assist with the manufacturing processes. Ranging from precision CNC lathe and milling to tooling fabrication molding, equipped with our experienced workforce.

Production Line:

  • Up to 200 tons power press machines
  • Automated press technology for top plate & chassis

Capacity: 1 million pieces pr. month

Capability: Ø 24 mm – 270 mm

Plating & Coating

Every metal part is perfected with finishing to the customers specification. Whether zinc plated or painted, we have the capability and know how in house.

There are two production lines from chrome finishing and electrostatic-based painting method machines to attain a liquid paint-based desirable finish. In addition, specific materials and appearance processes are hand-made by our own skilled workers as well as tested with defined standards.

At Sinar Baja Electric we understand the global impact of chemical consumption; that is why all of these finishing installations are installed with a waste treatment plant.


DMU-65 MONOBLOCK 5-axis milling machine to supports metal fabrication of the most intricate design. As a result, our Research and Development team is able to process the design prototype from scratch as well as manufacture tooling internally e.g. punch die, injection mold, jig and fixtures.

Production Line:

  • Up to 200 tons power press machines
  • Automated press technology for top plate & chassis
  • CNC Milling (3 axis, 5 axis) Wire Cut, EDM, CNC Lathe-auto and manual
  • Wire Cutting Machine, CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Capacity: 1 million pieces pr. month

Capability: Ø 24 mm – 270 mm

Wood Working

At the Wood Working Facility we build carefully hand crafted cabinets for high-end speakers as well as rugged tour grade pro cabinets. The Department works closely with our customer to satisfy needs for detail and finish requirements.

We specialise in small quantity turnkey projects. Our facility has a wide range of capabilities for finishing, with your choice of wood or paint finish for high-end and professional speakers.

R&D and Specification

“Experience is the teacher of all things”

At Sinar Baja Electric our many years of experience with a wide range of projects with customers from different industry segments, means we are well placed to develop exactly what is needed according to any customer specifications.

We are proud of our step-by-step Design and Development System which has been systematically implemented for all departments to work in synergy to achieve a common goal.

Soft Parts Facility


Established in 1987, our soft part facility acts as an integrated division for Sinar Baja Electric. The soft parts factory supplies a wide variety of cone, surround and spider materials and mixtures, ranging from foam, cloth, rubber and many others. The cone and suspension part is vital for a transducer system which is why we prioritize to keep developing this knowlede in house.

Located close to the main transducer factory the soft parts subdivision is able to support Sinar Baja Electric swiftly and efficiently. This allows close cooperation and a tight feedback loop of both production and research at our transducer division.

Production Line:

  • Beater machines for pulp
  • Automatic and manual cone paper body machines
  • Cone-surround assembly
  • Coating machine
  • Polypropylene cone vacuum forming
  • Automatic and manual machines for both spider and damper
  • All supported with in-house workshop for tooling and jig


  • Cone paper woofer 990k pcs / month
  • Cone paper fix cone 550k pcs / month
  • Dust cap 500k pcs / month
  • Damper / spider 1M pcs / month
  • Gasket 300k pcs / month

The facility also supports OEM suppliers while still acting directly under Sinar Baja Electric.

Showroom & Warehouse (Jakarta-Indonesia)

In addition to the warehousing facility at the factory location (Surabaya Indonesia) we also support local customers with a second warehouse and logistics centre in Jakarte, the capital of Indonesia.

At the warehouse in Jakarta there is also a Showroom for our end-user music and acoustics enthusiasts. Current and future business partners as well as consumers are welcome to experience the speakers and transducers of Sinar Baja Electric in Jakarta and Surabaya.

Danesian Audio Denmark & Warehouse

Together with Danesian Audio, Sinar Baja Electric supports the European Market as engineering consultants and separate warehouse / logistics centre for standard products and key customers.

Danesian Audio is a technology driven company constantly striving to push the boundaries of Acoustics. Founded in 2006 by Sinar Baja Electric as a Research and Development facility located in Denmark. Danesian acts as a Engineering Consultant for Sinar Baja Electric, partnering the talent and experience from the Danish Audio Industry with the manufacturing experience of Sinar Baja Electric.

With the most modern and up to FEA simulation and CAD tools at the disposal, but most importantly with the knowledge and experience to use these tools optimally. Danesian Audio believes that, despite the advancements in modern tools, the human ear is that most critical and important tool to be used in our development process. A significant amount of time in the development process is spent to evaluate the products by ear.

The in house workshop allows the engineers to make a variety of one off parts and prototyping tools. Making it possible to speed up development, while making critical changes prior to spending valuable time and investment in hard tooling.

Danesian Audio has produced several notable patents including 2 tweeters technologies, shallow mounting solutions for long excursion woofers, including variations that could be used in a variety of slim products such as laptops, TVs, OEM automotive applications and much more.

The versatile team can accommodate the demanding requirements of leading manufactures in the audio industry. Dedicated to developing new technology on behalf of their clients worldwide.