Sinar Baja Electric commitment to the customers goes beyond simply assembly and sales support. We have spent many years creating a vertical supply chain for the most critical materials. Moving these processes in house improves quality, costs, on-time delivery and assures the finest product quality.

RND / Engineering Support

Sinar Baja Electric has Engineering facility in Indonesia as well as in Denmark, called Danesian Audio ApS. Both divisions work together to develop new design and new technology from scratch to prototype.

Our in-house facilities are based on experience and customer requests. We support power/reliability test, weather resistance test, to accurate speaker measurement system. This involves the usage of Fine cone, Fine motor, Spead, Bass box pro, Leap, LSP Cad, DAAS Pro, LMS, ATB, CLIO, and Protel software. Additionally, our R&D Department supports the use of F0 meter, impedance meter, DCR meter, polarity check, Audio Generator, and Noise Generator. 



Speaker Measurement


Our complete equipment, laboratory, and workshops make it flexible for us to provide prototypes, both for cabinet and speaker, for our customers.




We prioritize customers satisfaction. Our engineering supports complete mechanical design, parts and tooling CAD/CAM drawings, as well as bill of materials. All are documented and available to for customers. This includes the usage of SolidWorks, Auto CAD, and Pro E software. We care even to the smallest details, providing packaging designs based on customer demand. All our products are tested for safety, enabling customers to fully enjoy our products.




Quality Assurance Support

We ensure that the quality of our products are based on International Quality Standards as well as customer spesific requirements. There are 3 stages of Quality Assurance activities :

  1. Incoming Material Inspection; We check all parts appearance, dimensions, and additional parameters based on drawing and specification. 
  2. In Process Inspection; Our QA team control all production process stages, general characteristics, as well as special characteristics that are specified by customers.
  3. Final Inspection; All drivers are checked based on technical spesification and additional testing requested by customers.

To be in accordance with TS 16949 Quality System Standard, our Quality Assurance division has facilities such as:

  • Internal Calibration
  • Laboratory to do Environmental Testing and Power Testing
  • QC Production Set up for drivers, using Neutrik (NTI Analyzer) and Sound Check (Listen Inc.)






As part of vertical supply chain process, our in-house workshop utilizes mostly CNC machining. Precision from CNC milling, late, wire cute, EDM, and other conventional support equipment aids to the quality we promised to our customers. This also supports the making of our own tooling, jigs, fixtures, production tools, steel chassis tooling, and many other production machinery, making us the one-stop-for-all driver manufacturing company.




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